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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and delivery times

In order not to overburden the couriers (and have a positive impact on pollution and consumption) I have chosen to ship only 1 day a week, on WEDNESDAY, but if I need to, I can ship on any day of the week, just specify it in the notes of the order. If the order (for a product ready for delivery) arrives on a Friday or on a pre-holiday day, it will be processed on the first working day.

On the other hand, the delivery times foreseen for a customized order vary according to the type of product, the availability of material in the warehouse (if it were necessary to order a fabric, the delivery times of the same must also be considered), the complexity of the customization and the orders in queue before yours. Generally, waiting times for a customization vary between 2 and 3 weeks.

The shipping service used is Bartolini Express, so delivery is almost always guaranteed within 24/48 hours of pick up by the courier.

Delivery times may vary significantly during holiday or pre-holiday periods, especially before Christmas.

For this reason, generally, in the pre-Christmas period I do not ship beyond the second week of December. 

The email notifying you that the order has been completed is sent to you when I book the courier, which generally passes for collection the next day.

In the email you will find a link that leads you to tracking the shipment and you will be able to stay updated on its progress; in case of problems you will have to personally contact the courier communicating the tracking code.

Before delivery, you will receive another email informing you of the expected delivery time slot (you won't have to be stuck at home all day without knowing when the courier will pass!) and which also allows you to modify and reschedule the delivery in case of absence .

In case you have difficulty rescheduling the delivery, you have the option of choosing the BRT FERMOPOINT/PUNTO DI RETIRE option, which allows you to divert the shipment to the collection point closest to your home, from which you can collect the parcel as soon as you get the chance!

NOTE: once the package leaves the laboratory, the person responsible for shipping is the courier, which is why I always advise you to choose insured shipping: with a few euros more you will be sure that in the event of theft, damage or loss you will be reimbursed! Otherwise Ta Petite will not be held responsible.


In transposition of Directive 2011/83/EU, some amendments to the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005) entered into force on 13 June 2014, introduced by Legislative Decree 21/2014 relating to the protection of consumers in matters of contracts at a distance. 

Pursuant to European legislation, the consumer is always entitled to a minimum of 2 years of free warranty, but let's see the different cases:


The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any penalty up to 14 days from the actual receipt of the goods, obtaining a refund of the amount paid for the purchase of such goods (excluding shipping costs, both outward and return; in the case of return of an order in which the shipping costs were free, the company will charge the shipping cost that it would have applied without free gift).
In the case of multiple orders, sent or delivered separately, the 14-day count starts from when the last package arrives to the customer.

The buyer who wishes to exercise this right must promptly notify the seller in writing (by registered mail or to the email address, carefully indicating:

⁃ order identification number

⁃ data dell’ordine

⁃ Description

⁃ quantity of returned goods

⁃ complete details of the bank or postal current account to receive the refund

At the buyer's discretion, the credit amount may eventually be used for future orders.

The goods will be returned to the seller at the buyer's care and expense, in their original condition (new, intact and complete with all its parts, in the original packaging, tampered with, damaged or washed in any way).
The goods must be returned to the following address:

Ta Petite di Eleonora Lippi

Via dell’Istituto Denti 23

06034, Foligno (PG)

within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal: products damaged due to improper treatment by the customer, goods returned after 14 days of notification of withdrawal, parcels returned cash on delivery or carriage forward will not be accepted as replacements.
In the case of bulky goods, please use traceable shipments such as Paccocelere of Poste Italiane or similar. With regard to small bulky goods, on the other hand, registered mail with tracking is recommended.
If the customer makes a non-traceable shipment, Ta Petite will not be in any way responsible for the goods not received and therefore it will not be possible to issue refunds or carry out repairs/replacements.

The refund of the sum subject to the withdrawal, after deducting the shipping costs for the re-sending of the replacement goods or the amount of goods excluded from the return (the above indications remain valid), will be made by Ta Petite with the methods chosen by the the buyer within 14 days of receiving the notice of withdrawal.
However, Ta Petite reserves the right to withhold the refund until the goods subject to the withdrawal have been received (in order to assess their good condition and integrity).

If the customer chooses to replace the returned goods with other products (making a due balance), a fee of € 7.50 will be requested for the return of the order.

For proven defects in the goods or for any shipping errors, Ta Petite undertakes to replace them free of charge with reimbursement of shipping costs.

2. CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS (e.g.: Modular Quiet Book with name on the cover or Customized Quiet Book)

In the event that the product is personalized it is not possible to apply the right of withdrawal, as the good was created to measure and according to the customer's requests, therefore it cannot be sold in the catalog in the event of a return (Article 59, letter c) of the consumer code).

It is therefore not possible to make a return even within the 14 days generally foreseen.

What do I do if the product turns out to be faulty or damaged?

If the defect occurs within 6 months of the purchase, it is assumed that the product was already defective at the time of delivery, but the seller has the opportunity to prove that the defect was not present at the time of delivery.

However, if the defect occurs after the first 6 months of delivery, the buyer will have to prove that the defect is not attributable to incorrect use of the goods.

Once it has been determined that the product is non-compliant, the consumer can decide whether to request the repair or replacement of the goods.

The replacement of the product may be requested if the repair has not been effective or has not eliminated the defect (the seller is given the opportunity to repair the product at least twice, before being able to request the replacement of the product or a refund of the price) 

The costs for the collection and subsequent shipment of the repaired/replaced product remain the responsibility of the customer.

In which cases can the consumer ask for a price reduction?

The price reduction may be requested when the repair or replacement is impossible or excessively expensive or the repair or replacement has not been carried out within a reasonable time.

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