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Modular Quiet Book

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The sensory book is a different way to play, a different way to learn and develop touch, sight and hearing.
Pieno di giochi interattivi che stimolano la fantasia e la motricità dei bambini, che imparano a scoprire il mondo circostante giocando e divertendosi.
The sensory book is also called Quiet Book precisely because it promotes concentration and a calm and analytical way of playing, also suitable for children with disabilities.
Inside, each page is dedicated to a different activity, from the simplest associations of shapes and colors to intertwining and fastening games, from sound elements and different textures to the alphabet and numbers.
The pages are reinforced and stiffened to be easier to handle.
Example of Modular Quiet Book:

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 5 cm


Select the pages you would like to insert into the book. They must be in EVEN NUMBER.

  1. The colors of the subjects are the final ones, but they could vary based on the availability of fabrics
  2. NOTE: some subjects occupy 2 pages (ex: mouse and cheese, match ears - animals, ...)
  3. Choose HERE the 2 base colors you would like for the pages (also adjusted according to the number of pages and the availability of pieces indicated)
  4. COMPLETE THE ORDER AND SPECIFY IN THE ORDER NOTESwhich page do you want as cover page, the name of the recipient if you want to insert it and the numbers of chosen bases. All things not specified will be defined by me independently.
  5. NOTE WELL: there are some pages unsuitable to be chosen as a cover and therefore to host the child's name; if I choose one of these, I reserve the right to select another cover page for a better result in terms of aesthetics.
  6. In the event that the bases chosen for the pages are finished, I reserve the right to contact you again so that you can choose other ones
  7. The cost of the book includes child's name on the cover , but it is not possible to embroider dedications or longer sentences.


The division is indicative and can vary from child to child based on cognitive abilities

FROM 0 MONTHS (visual cues, strong contrasts, sound cues, rattles)

Crunchy elephant ear
Soft ears elephant
Tricheco squeaky
Zebra alto contrasto
Fiore imbottito e profumato
Maracas bird

FROM 3 MONTHS (from visual to tactile, grasping rattles and cause and effect, teething elements, tactile stimulation)

4 Sensory rounds
Conchiglia morbida
Cloud with ribbons
Uccellino con zampe di corda
Pesce tattile

FROM 6 MONTHS (gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, self-awareness in the mirror)

Dog wagging its tail
Gatto con orecchie mobili
Macchina con ruote girevoli
Mirror sun

FROM 9 MONTHS (fine motor skills, attaching and detaching, opening and closing, in and out, pressing, object permanence, peek-a-boo)

Sole con raggi da tirare
Coniglio nel cilindro
Peek-a-boo bear
Peek-a-boo owl
Pulcino cucù

FROM 12 MONTHS (fine motor skills, screwing and unscrewing, hooking and unhooking, pincer grip, object permanence, beginning of symbolic play and imitation, bilateral coordination, stacking)

2 fruits tree
Formaggio e topolino (2 pag)
Ippopotamo frutta e verdura
Bird flapping its wings
Flower vase
Sea buttons and seagulls
A tavola
Lavarsi i denti
3 layer sheep
Tower crane
Pesce a fantasia
Doctor case

FROM 24 MONTHS (self-affirmation, independence, symbolic play and crafts, puzzles, joints and weaving, tying up)

Ape e fiori
Season tree (2 pag)
Lacing train (2 pag)
All puzzles
Sew table (2 pag)
Fruit match
Match animal faces
Cassetta attrezzi
Match matite e colori
Chiusure: zip

FROM 36 MONTHS (daily routine, association of shapes and colors, geometric shapes, vegetable garden, counting)

Match fiori e insetti
Ears match (2 pag)
Match forme e colori
Contare con le mani
Caterpillar colors and numbers
Vegetable garden with boxes (2 pag)
Simple vegetable garden
Color truck
Andare a dormire + bambola
Bagnetto + bambola
Vestirsi + bambola (2 pag)
Pesca magnetica
Chiusure: lacci
Chiusure: bottoni
Chiusure: gancio
Chiusure: moschettone
Chiusure: passante
Chiusure: fibbia


From 0 to 6 years, based on the activities included in the book


Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.
Do not wash in the washing machine to avoid compromising the integrity of the product.


Composition: 90% organic and GOTS certified fabrics, 10% pure cotton, fleece/polyester.
Artisan's note
Processing times for custom orders are approximately 20 working days. These timings may vary based on queued orders and raw material availability. In the pre-Christmas period, waiting times generally extend by at least another 7 working days.
Each product is entirely conceived, designed and made by me and is a unique piece, which can be reordered while stocks last.
The purchased product may differ slightly from the one in the photo in terms of workmanship, dimensions, fabrics or materials used, precisely because it is handcrafted and completely handmade.
Any imperfections are not to be considered negative factors, on the contrary they reveal the authenticity and craftsmanship of a handmade and Made in Italy product.

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