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My playmate is once again an illustrator, with a skill and sweetness that I can't tell you about, so I'll just tell you that her name is Alessia Trentin, in art La Trentinelliand is a force of nature.
With her I thought of giving life to one of the most beautiful games ever created, a game from 0 to 99 years old, a game that trains the mind, concentration, calm and reflection: I present to you the PRO-MEMORY, a memory of 24 tiles showing Alessia's "motivational animals", which under them give voice to important and positive messages for your children and, why not, for you too!
In this formulation, ProMemory also becomes a kind of motivational game, a reminder on how to live life, on celebrating beautiful things and not forgetting to be and do a certain way.

Additional information

Weight 0,004 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 2 cm

Azzurro, Blu, Giallo, Verde chiaro


From 2 to 99 years


Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.
The bag can be washed in the washing machine but preferably not the tiles, in order not to compromise their integrity.


Composition: microfiber canvas and polyester padding
Artisan's note
This product was conceived and made by me and designed by Alessia Trentin and is a unique piece, which can be reordered if stocks last.
The purchased product may differ slightly from the one in the photo in terms of workmanship, dimensions, fabrics or materials used, precisely because it is handcrafted and completely handmade.
Any imperfections are not to be considered negative factors, on the contrary they reveal the authenticity and craftsmanship of a handmade and Made in Italy product.

© 2023 Ta Petite - P.Iva 03619420544 - Photography by Anna Morosini
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