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Mini Quiet Book

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The Quiet Book is a game that promotes concentration and a calm and analytical way of playing, also suitable for children with disabilities.
These books allow you to learn about the world through the senses (fabrics with different textures, various types of sounds and rattles, contrasting colors), allow you to develop logic, promote the development of fine motor skills, closely connected to intellectual development.
The pages are reinforced and stiffened to be easier to handle.
Inside this Quiet Book you will find:

Owl: with its wings it hides and simulates the game of peek-a-boo, which helps the child to assimilate the concept of object permanence, i.e. to learn that even if something cannot be seen, it still exists

Chameleon: With a button eye that can be moved, it stimulates fine motor skills

Star: it is detachable and inside it contains a rattle, it stimulates hearing and motor skills

Elephant: with its crunchy ears to touch and rub, it stimulates hearing and touch

Bird: its mobile wing can be moved, turned completely or detached, stimulating gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as bilateral coordination (simultaneous use of both sides of the body, in this case the hands)

Crab: its little mobile claws are an incredibly adored pastime for the little ones!

Jellyfish: with the rope tentacles, it stimulates motor skills and touch

Shell: it opens and closes, and inside it contains a soft and warm fabric to the touch, thus stimulating motor coordination and both sight and touch

The Mini Quiet Books will always be available with the same cover design but may vary in the internal page designs, depending on stock availability.

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

Interno acquerello grigio, Interno pois grigi, Oche interno misto, Oche interno pois


From approximately 6 to 18 months, compatibly with the child's cognitive abilities


Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.


Composition: GOTS/OEKO TEX/CE certified cotton, CE certified felt and felt
Artisan's note
Each product is entirely conceived, designed and made by me and is a unique piece, which can be reordered while stocks last.
The purchased product may differ slightly from the one in the photo in terms of workmanship, dimensions, fabrics or materials used, precisely because it is handcrafted and completely handmade.
Any imperfections are not to be considered negative factors, on the contrary they reveal the authenticity and craftsmanship of a handmade and Made in Italy product.

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