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If the purchased product is defective, can I exchange it or can you fix it?

Please visit the page Shipping and returns


For particular cases, write to and I will evaluate your situation specifically.



Of course! The gift package and a card do not involve any additional costs! However, remember to request it at checkout and possibly indicate in the order notes what to write on the card.


Where can I see the available models of a product?

You can see the models available on each product page by clicking on the images; non-clickable images correspond to unavailable models.


Where can I find information on the price, size and care/washing of a product?

By opening the page of each product you can see the available models and the price; scrolling down you can find all the technical characteristics of the product, the composition, the recommended age, the dimensions and how to wash it.


For what age are sensory toys suitable (example: books, cubes)?

Sensory toys are suitable for all children aged 0 to 6 years.
They are more suitable for one age group rather than another on the basis of the stimulations and activities they present; if you have specific needs, I always recommend requesting a personalized product, so that it can be effective and designed specifically for that child.



Can I add only the child's name on a product ready for delivery?

No, you can't do it as the product is already packaged and finished. What I can do is write it with a fabric pen (without any price change)


Category: Customizations

What are the times for making a customization?

Timing depends on the product to be customized, the complexity of the customization, the need or not to find material that is not currently available in stock (eg: ordering fabrics) and the number of orders in the queue before yours.
Generally the wait does not exceed 2 weeks, but these times may also vary according to the period in which we are (e.g. Christmas)


Category: Customizations

How can I place a custom order?

First of all proceed with the order HEREby selecting the product you are interested in customizing.
Then fill in the form where you can specify how you would like to customize the product.
I will not be able to proceed with the customization if I have only 1 of the above elements.
Once received both, I will contact you via Whatsapp to define the details.


Category: Customizations

Which products can I customize and how?

A customized product acquires value the moment it is designed and manufactured for specific needs (in particular for children with disabilities and with physical or cognitive difficulties) and based on the age of the little one. In this way, a truly tailor-made toy is created and it is also suitable for the little ones or the older ones.
Personalization can be done on all products, and consists in choosing the activities/sensory stimulations to insert, the favorite colors or patterns, a particular theme or simply adding the name embroidered/sewn on the product.


Category: Customizations

If the package does not arrive, what could have happened?

Once the package has left the laboratory, the courier is responsible for what happens during shipment. For this you are provided with a tracking code which allows you to keep track of the order and possibly contact the courier. But first of all I advise you to check the address and the name indicated during the purchase to be sure that everything is correct.


Category: Customizations

What are the expected delivery times?

It is not possible for me to predict delivery times with certainty.
Generally (which does not mean always!) the courier takes between 24 and 48 hours to deliver, but these times can vary based on many factors, especially in the pre-holiday periods and in particular the pre-Christmas period.


Category: Shipping

My package still hasn't arrived yet, can you help me?

Unfortunately not, once the package has been delivered to the courier Ta Petite is no longer responsible for delays in delivery, non-delivery or damage to the goods, for this reason I always recommend insured shipping.
Furthermore, at the time of shipment, an e-mail is sent to you with the tracking code to be used on the courier's website to check the status of the shipment.


Category: Shipping
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